Accelerate E&P Decisions with understanding and quality

With 15 years of field testing and continuous improvement, PetroVR is the global standard for E&P Decision Assurance Software

PetroVR Project

Integrative petroleum economics and business simulation to accelerate upstream E&P projects

PetroVR Project offers a comprehensive tool set for business simulation of upstream projects across a wide range of asset development types, including conventional and unconventional projects, as well as improved oil recovery (IOR) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

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How PetroVR Simulations Work

PetroVR empowers teams to capture and understand uncertainties by simulating the entire project over a long time span. Within a PetroVR business simulation, project schedules, production profiles, economic metrics and risk analysis are modeled using popular sensitivity tools and Monte Carlo analysis.

A PetroVR business simulation relies on Rules that are prompted in the program and based on accepted oilfield practices. Development planning modelers can edit existing or create new Rules to ensure a valid model that honors corporate goals and real world constraints.

The power of this business simulation approach is realized when you can see every entity in your project — reservoir, fluids, rigs, wellbores, well completions, and facilities — operating over a long time period, revealing risks, where the hidden value is, and real decision trade-offs. PetroVR business simulations permit you to compare alternative scenarios and find the best one for your asset or project.

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PetroVR Testimonial

“Most recently, we did a large project on an … acquisition that has historically been influenced by issues we were not really able to quantify, and what we successfully did with PetroVR is … to capture those issues and … quantify the effect in terms of scheduling and costs.”

– Team Lead, major oil company