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With 15 years of field testing and continuous improvement, PetroVR is the global standard for E&P Decision Assurance Software

PetroVR Portfolio

Simulations for Portfolio Optimization

PetroVR Portfolio provides a risk-integrated workflow for portfolio optimization based on simulations of petroleum economics from all assets under consideration. Decision trade-offs can be evaluated with transparency as scenarios are compared visually, both deterministically and stochastically.

Efficient Frontier

Efficient Frontier techniques assist in selecting an optimal project portfolio considering the company’s total portfolio risk. PetroVR simulations automatically calculate portfolio optimization results for all possible combinations of projects. Plotting value versus risk can be performed on any financial metric.

Focus on Strategic Analysis

Use portfolio optimization techniques to help understand the effects of various portfolio scenarios on your strategic objectives. For example, you might require a 10 percent return on your domestic projects and a 15 percent return with at least 50MM bbl of reserves on your international activities. You might also have a maximum yearly spending level of $50MM and a corporate return objective of 12 percent. PetroVR Portfolio can help pinpoint the combination of projects meeting these constraints.

PetroVR Portfolio Testimonial

“Compared to a simplistic program, PetroVR allows me to put in a logic so that when the planning model is reworked because a volume estimate or cost parameter changes, I can revise it quickly. My manager finds it very helpful that I can re-run the model in less than 24 hours rather than days.”

– Portfolio Commercial Analyst, major oil company