Accelerate E&P Decisions with understanding and quality

With 15 years of field testing and continuous improvement, PetroVR is the global standard for E&P Decision Assurance Software


Fast, fully-risked asset development planning with simulation software that integrates subsurface and surface uncertainties

PetroVR simulation software simplifies development planning of a business asset for decision making in the petroleum exploration and production (E&P) industry.

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PetroVR Simulation Software Platform for EP Decisions

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Model steam-oil ratio (SOR) to pinpoint scheduling and financial risks, and decision trade-offsOptimize portfolio decisions with petroleum economincs and risk analysis

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PetroVR @15Field-proven for more than 15 years, PetroVR sets the industry standard for business simulation of an entire E&P network from sub-surface to surface to point of sale. The unique PetroVR simulation engine, featuring a discrete event simulator, helps visualize systemwide constraints and scheduling, reveal risk and uncertainty, pinpoint value, and accelerate to production.

PetroVR simulation software has been put to work in a great variety of challenging developments, including shallow water LNG, deepwater multi-field complex, shale gas drilling, heavy oil, IOR/EOR and many others.

Accelerate Confidently. Tasks that were performed manually using spreadsheets are now automated. Evaluations that once took weeks or even months to complete are now done in a matter of days or hours with greater accuracy and quality.

Collaborate Effectively. Geoscientists, engineers, economists and project managers collaborate on a single platform for:

  • Multiple scenarios and hybrid evaluations — onshore, offshore, and unconventional — with transparency and auditability
  • Modeling economic terms and performing full economic analysis
  • Measuring full-cycle economic risks, considering all key exploration, engineering, and financial uncertainties
  • Integration with other software and workflows: Eclipse, CMG, Petrel, and others