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Here we'll be discussing how PetroVR can help you accelerate to production. Your comments and ideas are welcome, so please tell us what you think. Your guidance helps improve PetroVR for you and all our clients. Our goal is to help you improve your business and we hope these conversations will lead us there together.

A sea of names

It is easy to feel one is getting lost in a sea of names: the number of technologies that serve the development process is so huge and it seems to change so rapidly that it is easy to get overwhelmed, even regarding topics closely related to the technology we use in our daily work. Read More

Hyperbolic to Exponential Transition

I don’t know if PetroVR users are decision makers. What I do know is that they are decision modelers. And what do decision modelers need? Expressiveness, of course! That’s why the vast majority of the questions our Help Desk analysts receive are, in one way or another, “how do I express ?” Read More

PetroVR in 2048

Last month one of our Development Team members sent an email regarding a coding contest organized by Cincom based on the well-known game 2048. The game had to be programmed and enhanced using Smalltalk. This email opened a discussion that resulted in an analogy between this entertaining and yet very simple strategy game and our own strategy environment: PetroVR. Read More

PetroVR v11.2 New Capabilities

PetroVR 11.2 has just been released, and as it happens with every release, here is our video exploring the new capabilities included in this version. Read More

A curious paradox

While studying a Value of Information PetroVR model presented in a Caesar Systems Knowledge Base video, one of our users noticed a paradox. Read More

Columbus’ Project

Take a look at this amazing documentary film recently discovered by our archivists, to reflect on how important it is to have the support of a great system in the analysis of Risk and Uncertainties. Read More

Radical Changes Are Easy

The biggest paradox in Software Development is its inability to support changes. Do you need to demolish a wall in your house? Not a big deal – just hire a contractor and spend a predictable amount of money and time and the wall will go away. Now, do you need by any chance to introduce some modification in your application (and I hope you don’t)? Well, be prepared to visit the realms of unknownland. Read More

Coherent Sampling

The other day one of our advanced users opened a request in Help Desk about an apparent contradiction. The user illustrated the issue with a very simple model, which consisted in only one reservoir with two parameters: “Oil in Place” and “Probability of Success”. The first variable OIP had a deterministic value of 50 MMbbl and a Cumulative Probability Distribution around it. The POS was 32.5%. Read More

Interrogating Monte Carlo Results

We’ve often been asked about how to analyse results from Monte Carlo, and while this is an important question, it does not have a unique answer. However, I will discuss one technique that our users find helpful when interrogating results. Read More

Time-Dependent Distributions

One of the interesting things of working at Caesar is the privileged location for observing trends in the way decision makers make hypotheses. And while this could sound a little bit arrogant, we sometimes receive indications that PetroVR might be having an influence on how people make decisions. Read More